Doctor of Applied Management

This program has been designed in co-operation with the United Kingdom’s Institute of Management Specialists.

To enrol into the program candidates need to be a Fellow of the Institute of Management Specialists.

Founded in 1971, the Institute of Management Specialists (IMS), is the oldest professional qualification awarding body for specialised working managers in the United Kingdom. If you are not already a member of the IMS, Fellow Membership IMS is available to any candidate with a Masters level or equivalent academic qualification and also 4+ years working experience as a practising manager.

The cost of Fellow Membership of the IMS is GBP £70.

Program Outline

Candidates write a series of reports developing, the need for the project, plan the project, monitor its progress and assess the results.

The candidate writes the report under the guidance of a Faculty Supervisor to enable them to learn via the carrying out of the project.

It is expect that a suitable Management Project will take a minimum of 2 years to plan, carry out and assess the results.

A final 2000 – 2500 word summary of the project will be published in the St Clements E-Library.

Graduates will be granted Life Time Companion membership of the Institute of Management Specialists.

This program is a very practical way of earning a Professional Management Doctorate.

Doctor of Applied Management (Doctorate by Project)

Example Project

The word number will be in the 35,000 - 50,000 range, but as a project, the format will not be a thesis, but a mixture of a Feasibility Report/Progress Report on developing the project and a conclusion.

If we are developing a Business School in Hong Kong, it would look like.

Name of Project - Developing a Hong Kong Business School.

Stage I

Outline how there is a need for the new Hong Kong Business School and the gaps etc it is likely to fill. There may be backup documents (newspaper/magazine articles, surveys, reports etc) added to this outline part.

Stage II

Based on the outline, how is it proposed to develop the school over the next 1 - 5 years (set a time). List the proposed corporate and other registration needs, courses to be taught, how you propose to recruit staff, market programs etc.

Stage III

You report on carrying out the plans outlined for Stage II and report on changes you make to them due to practical changes in circumstances.

Stage IV

You report on the success of the project - has it reached all of the goals set in Stage I.

Stage V

The student critically review his/her work on the project - recommends any future projects, ways it could have done better if you had know at the beginning of the project what you had known at the end of it. This should be suitable for publication in our Academic Journal “Veritas”

Why Study a Doctor of Applied Management at SCPU Business School ?
This program is designed for senior managers or executives to earn a Doctorate through the carrying out of a project and the monitoring of this project.

Cost of the Program $US 11,500

How to apply
To apply, simply complete the Application Form here and email to our admissions team at