Doctor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management

The DBA in Supply Chain Management program is designed for holders of Master degree or MBA in the fields of Management, Logistics, Accounting, Transport, Economics and other related fields.

Students will learn concepts that will help them guide their organizations to compete successfully in a global market.

Through the DBA in Supply Chain Management degree program, students will be equipped with the tools they need to lead a company with excellence and integrity.

The DBA degree will teach you supply chain management techniques and practices that will help ensure customer satisfaction. Students will gain real-world insight into the logistics problems and issues facing today’s businesses.

Each class will equip students with essential supply chain management skills, so that they are prepared to overcome challenges and lead companies to a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Program Outline


This program follows the Republic of Cameroon's traditional system of a Doctorate programs. It shall be a minimum of three years with one year full time class lectures in two semesters (Year one) and two years of research work. Evaluation shall be through continuous assessment tests and research presentations,which constitutes 40% and a Final semester exams of 60%.  

Semester 1
Financial and Spend Analysis in Supply Chain Management
Strategic Procurement and Purchasing
International Logistics
Total Quality and Lean Management in Supply Chain

Semester 2
Designing a resilient supply chain
Contract management and negotiation
Research Methodology
Global Supply

Year 2 and 3

• Candidates may submit either a dissertation or a business project, which shall be not less than 10,000 words and not more than 15,000 words in length, shall show knowledge of primary sources, and shall give full reference to all sources used.

Why Study a Doctor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management at SCPU Business School ?

This program is designed for senior managers or executives to earn a Doctorate through the carrying out of a project and the monitoring of this project.

Cost of the Program

$US 11,500

How to apply

To apply, simply complete the Application Form here and email to our admissions team at