Doctor of Business in Finance

The program is based on an in depth researched study in any field of endeavor in business, management and finance.

Students must prepare a dissertation in the usual style and format of not less than 90,000 words (200 to 250 pages).

However, before work starts, students must present a rationale of the proposed work and the literature and research methods planned to cover the field completely.

The Doctor of Business in Finance focuses on the implementation, improvement and development of systems, methods or means of using the knowledge in particular areas.

Study Area
The student must submit a dissertation pursued under the direction of the faculty supervisor on some topic in the field of Finance.

The dissertation must present the results of the candidate’s individual investigation and must embody a definite contribution to knowledge.

Major Dissertation - 90,000 words

Cost of the Program $US 11,500

How to apply
To apply, simply complete the Application Form here and email to our admissions team at